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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Techy Tuesday - iPad Mini

     Okay, I know that most of us techs already have an iPad or some form of a tablet but this is my first, and let me just say I am soooo excited and so in love! Who thought you could LOVE and electronic lol. I mean, I love all types of products but I kinda feel like its my second brain!
     My iPad was so unexpected! My mom and grandmother purchased it for me for my birthday(Aug 11). I was beyond excited when I got it. My husband and I have been wanting one because we love our iPhones so much, but there are other things that are important right now so we pushed it off to the side! This was one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received and couldn't wait to get her home. 

        I got everything uploaded and started exploring! I love that everything is all linked up and I have everything from my phone on my iPad. Now the apps and games are great! The technology of course is still just as amazing as it is on the iPhone but the fact of how far the iPads can take the world is what is truly astonishing.

My children both have "iPod touches" ( our previous iPhones with no service- if you didn't know, you can use your old iPhones as iPod touches for your children. They can play all the apps
and even connect to the wi-fi- and the plus is you don't have to spend any additional money!) the learning games that we download for them are not only teaching games but are also fun for them and have their favorite characters in them! There are so many educational games and apps available for all ages, there are even apps that will help them in school and keep them organized. 
Check out the apps available to you and find some new ones to try!

Here is some of our favorites:

-Feel Electric; The Electric Company from PBS Kids

-ABC Letter Tracing 

-Starfall ABCs

And our family calendar app that allows everyone to be separate and have an all in one calendar is:
- Cozi Family Organizer; Calendars and lists

All of these apps are FREE! what could be better then that? We will add more of our favorite apps as we find them!

What are some apps you think we should  try out, or are your favorites? 

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