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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bloggy Moms August Blog Dare - All the crazy drama...

Influential Social Media Mom Blog Community is a website I just discovered and is now one of my favorites. There is so much information available here and opportunities to join other moms and find new blogs. If you are a blogger, I suggest you check it out. While looking around the site I found a Blog Dare, that is for the whole month of August, and I believe they do it every month. It gives you a new random topic each day for you to write about. I think this will be fun, great to do, and give everyone a chance to write about a random topic, that lets all of our readers know a little bit more about us. Join the August Blog Dare at  Today's topic is: All the crazy drama...

        I could have never imagined going to school in this day an age when there is social media for everyone to know everything at all times. When I think about it, it makes me a little nauseous, to be honest. We all probably have family members or our friends children on our Facebook, and of course we can see their posts. I have seen everything from them arguing on FB for the whole world to see all the way to a favorite of  "lms (like my status) for a tbh(to be honest)" This is where the person says, "to be honest....." and they do these constantly and participate in liking other friends statuses to see what they have to say about them. I get it, but at the same time what a waste of time. Social media sites seem to be a public "slam book" for teenagers. Does everyone remember all the crazy drama that would get started from those?
     If you do not know what a "slam book" is, it was a book like the one in the movie, Mean Girls, where everyone would write every ones name on a piece of paper in the notebook and everyone would write something about the person on the page. Everything wasn't always nice and gave everyone the opportunity "to be honest". As I think back on my high school years and all the crazy drama that occurred constantly, I could not imagine being able to tell the world instantly that you saw Jill kissing Jacks best friend and take a photo to post, instead of having to wait till Monday, because you wouldn't see anyone until Monday, and you couldn't just get a hold of someone instantly with a text back then.
     Social Media sites are a great way for everyone to connect and stay connected but can you imagine how it will effect high school and how it has forever changed the way our kids will grow up compared to the way we grew up. Even as adults some people are still all about drama and now with social media there is a lot of crazy drama. At what age do you think it is appropriate for your children to get a FB or Twitter? Are you worried about all the crazy drama that they are going to run into? Do you worry how this will effect them in school? What do you plan to do to help them through any problems they may face?

     Check out here and check out their August Blog Dare here . Have a great productive week!

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