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Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to School -Shopping & Tax Free Weekend

     Its Tax Free weekend in FL and AL this weekend. I live right on the state line so I can travel into FL pretty easy and enjoy their stores as well. Check your county information and see if a Tax Free Weekend is available in your area. During this weekend we buy all of our school clothes, supplies, and any electronics that we may need. There are some limitations set though. Tax Free is only covered for:
     -Electronics up to $750
     -Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories $75.00 or less
     - Supplies up to $15.00

TIP: You can always make multiple transactions if you reach the 15.00 limit with the supplies. Also Target has some coupons available, ONLY till Sunday on supplies.

     Speaking of Target, they have the best Back to School Commercials! Great Music Choices! I'm sure I will be grooving in my head to some of the tunes tomorrow while shopping! If you have not seen them you can check them out here! Thanks YouTube

Bike Ride - Back to School

Volcano - Back to School

Flex Arm Hang

& My favorite! Red Card - Expect More Pay Less - Back to School

     I will of course be posting about our Shopping adventure, & I've worked hard to save as much money as possible during this time of year! If your headed out shopping tomorrow, Good Luck & Hope you have great Savings!

   This post is in no way affiliated with Target, It is my opinions, and love for the store and their marketing for Back to School 2013!

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