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Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Countdown - 3 days left- School Lunches & Lunch Station

      3 days let till school starts!!! WHAT?? WAIT!!  Where did Summer go?? Don't get me wrong I am ready for a little breathing room from the thousand of questions and times I have said settle down, calm down, and don't aggravate your brother/sister. I am going to miss them though when they are gone all day and I only get to spend a few hours with them each day.
     Along with all the school supplies and the worry of making sure that they have all the clothes and shoes that they need, You also have to worry about what they are going to eat, especially if you're a parent of picky eaters like me. During the school year I  get up every morning at 5:30 to make my husbands, son, and daughters lunch. They wont eat their lunch if I make it at night because they want "fresh" sandwich. I completely understand because I wouldn't want a unfresh sandwich either. My daughters first year was last year and she isn't as picky as my son is. My son for lunch usually only wants PB&J, Just PB, or just cheese sandwiches. My daughter went along with those types of lunches unless they were having something she liked at school. This year I wanted to spice things up for their lunches. Instead of me making them, I want them to make them.  This will also help teach them to make good healthy choices and portion control.
     We talked about different ideas and options for the kids to take to school and also we looked through pinterest for back to school lunch ideas. My son decided that the only differences he would have in his normal lunches is he would add hot dogs and chicken sandwich's. My daughter however said she would have all kids of things, whatever as long as she likes it. This makes my job difficult because I want to make sure that they get a healthy and fulfilling lunch that they will eat.  I then decided that they should pack their own lunch's, and began brainstorming! I also did some research on my favorite site Pinterest, which is where I found the perfect solution. A Lunch Station!
     When I saw this on Pinterest, from, I knew it was exactly what we needed and had to make it.

This is our Lunch Station:

     Here the kids will find everything they need for lunch and snack and should be able to get it ready themselves. Each morning, I am going to make them their main part of their lunch, sandwich, hot dog, tacos, etc.
 The kids will then go ahead and get their sandwich containers out of their first drawer, they will pick out some pretzels, chips, chex mix, etc. and then to the goodies drawer that will have their fruit snacks, little Debbie snacks, a cookie, whatever dessert type goodies they can take to school. 

& ALL THE GOODIES! >>>>>>>

Onto the fridge they will then go to get a juice, milk, or water and grab a fruit. Their lunch is then good to go, and the best part is they took the responsibility to get their lunches. :) 

     This will really help me out too, while I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure The husband has everything, every one's brushing their teeth and hair and have everything for the day.  I think all of moms feel a little rushed in the morning, no matter how prepared and organized we are.

   Hope all your little ones have a great beginning of the school year!!

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