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Monday, August 19, 2013

Another School Year has Began, ALREADY!

     As we have been talking a lot lately about Back to School, the day is here: The First Day of School!

    This year I will have a 4th grader, which is considered Middle School, and a 1st grade. As a parent we always ask ourselves, "Where has the time gone", as I got up and started making lunches I asked myself where did Summer Vacation go? I can't believe that its already time for school. The kids I think are asking their selves the same thing this morning!
      I must admit I am a little nervous about my son going to middle school. It makes him seem so big too soon because its 4th grade. We live in a very small town so they are able to put 4th-8th graders all in one school and offer Pre-k at the Elementary School, which is Pre-k to 3rd grade. This morning I
made our normal first day of school breakfast, Cinnamon Rolls. The kids got ready and did their morning routine with no problem and happily(we will see how long that last). My daughter was even excited about school. As we left I wondered how long before my daughter started crying because she didn't wanna go to school, but so far so good.
We took my son to school first, his school starts about 15 min before elementary. As were driving there he tells me to just drop him off. EXCUSE ME? Just drop you off? Really? :( That was my response when those words came out of his mouth. I couldn't believe I was no long allowed to walk him in, I couldn't even get out. As a mom, I know this day is coming because
we all did it to our parents. It still made me sad. We did exactly what he asked us to do, we just dropped him off at the usual car rider line, and he went in and didn't look back. He is getting too big too quick. I, of course, were very teary eyed. This is the year he matures a little bit and really becomes more of himself. I pray let middle school be good to him!
     My daughter was still not crying, even after we dropped my son off. We headed to her school. She was telling us we could walk her in, and she didn't want us to sit in the car, little did I know it was just apart of her plan. We walked her in and headed towards the gym. She was excited as we looked for her teacher, and she saw her Kindergarten teacher and gave her hug; she was still happy. The we found her teacher and the crying began. She was fine and happy about seeing everyone and everything but when it was time to go sit down and be with her class, then it changed. She was very upset and didn't want to stay, and I knew I would take her with me if I stayed. So I told her I loved her and would see her this afternoon, and turned and ran. It would have only been worse, if I would have stood there. I guess you can say it was a great start to school because she didn't cry to the very last minute!
     I spent the rest of the morning with my momma. Some much needed time! We went to breakfast and did a little shopping and came on home. It didn't hit me completely till I got home that it was the first day of school. The house was so quiet. I really didn't know what to do with myself. All I could do was hope they had a great day and watch the clock.
     If you had children starting school today, I hope they had a great first day and are excited about all to come this year. I know we are!

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