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Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Five - #1

       This week has been a busy and crazy week, but Hello August! This is one of our favorite months! Sorry this is so late, but better late then never!

1. ~Thirty-One~ Monday Night I hosted a Online Thirty-One Party for my Cousin who is a Independent Director with Thirty-One. I have never purchased anything, but my mom has and loves their products! Hosting a Thirty-One party is a great way to meet with friends, hang out, and do a little shopping. You can also host a Online Thirty-One Party  for you and your friends and Shop in your PJ's. From the party I hosted online:
     -3 Guest Attended
     -$300+ In orders
     - I Spent $34
     - & received $154 in products!!!

2. ~Hair Bows~ A girl always needs Accessories! I made a lot of new products for our site, you can visit it here . It was also time to restock! Hobby Lobby has an amazing sale going on of 50% off Ribbon, I had to take advantage of it! 

3.~ Happy Birthday Mr. Scott~ It was my husbands 28th birthday! We celebrated with presents, dinner, & his favorite Dessert, Peach Cobbler! We will also be spending some extra quality time on the boat this weekend to celebrate!! 

4. ~30 days till Football Starts!! CHOMP CHOMP!!! Its almost Football time & I CANT WAIT!! Go Gators!! 

5. ~Foodie Friday~ It was an exciting day! I was a guest blogger on Alabama Women Bloggers for their Foodie Friday Post with S'mores 2-in-1 Dessert . Try this dessert  over the weekend with your family, they are sure to love it! 

Link up & Join the Friday Five! :) It will be fun to have these and look back over the week and what we had going on!


Joy said...

So happy you linked up today! Sounds like a great week. I only have one item from Thirty-One... I have a feeling I'm gonna get hooked, soon. Happy Birthday to your honey, and yes.... that Foodie Friday dessert will be made at our home, soon!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Raised Southern said...

Thank you Joy, I plan on linking up every Friday! I loved the Friday Five when I saw it and had to join in. Thirty-One is wonderful & the organization bags and totes that they offer are amazing! If you don't have a consultant or would just like the catalog, you can email one of my close friends, she is in Colorado but she will be able to take care of you and get it sent right away. I believe they just released their fall patterns as well.. I can't wait to see them!
Thank you for the Birthday wishes! He had to of course work on Thursday so were celebrating through the weekend, were headed out on the boat shortly!
Let me know how you and your family enjoy the S'mores Brownies! Hope y'all have a great weekend as well!

Raised Southern said...
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Raised Southern said...

-I forgot to include her contact info:
Lena Sewell

Have a good weekend! :)