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Monday, September 23, 2013

Lifestyle Changes- Coming From a place of Yes!!


Over the rainy weekend, I finished A place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel and really enjoyed the motivation and positive guidance that it gives you. Her 10 rules for getting everything you want out of life are general rules that everyone should follow. Most books like this give you rules that only particular people can follow or you can only follow if you do this or do that. Her 10 rules are very inspiring and help keep you focused on what it is important and not to be distracted by "noise"!
    We all have noise; relationship noise, money noise, business noise, family noise, parenting noise, etc. Noise is all of the worrying and the I cant's and don't wannas. It's all the stuff in our heads that tries to keep us down and not allow us to live to our true potential and achieve everything we want out of life and see for our selves. I never really thought about it like this until I read this book and have noticed since reading this book, I've been able to point out when I was allowing particular           "noises" to affect me and I'm now able to silence them an get done what is needed and stay focused on what was important! 


     I absolutely recommend this book, not only to any one that needs help focusing on the good things but also just as a good read! I plan on printing these 10 rules out to hang in my office to keep me focused on my goals and remind me that you CAN do anything you set your mind to, even on the "I can't" and "I don't wanna" days! 

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