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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Party Like a Rockstar ( and other impossible dreams) GIVEAWAY


Party Like a Rockstar (and other impossible dreams)

     So – the days of partying until the wee hours, eating at the greasy spoon at 4 AM and then sleeping until the next afternoon are long gone. Or maybe, like me, you never actually had those days. For most of us, it is midnight feedings, bathroom breaks or bad dreams that keep up past 10 PM these days. And forget sleeping past 7 AM on a Saturday. (And if your kids do sleep late on the weekend, do us all a favor and don’t mention it.) Now the partying is over, right?

     The thought of having a civilized dinner party, a girls’ night at your house, or even thawing out frozen desserts from Costco sends your head into a spin. You’re not sure the last time you ever dusted your blinds (yes, I think you are supposed to do that), and even if you could get the house clean for guests, the idea of paying for a sitter, getting yourself into something that looks presentable and laying out a spread on your kitchen counter is just out of the question.

      So here you sit – reading your parenting blogs and newsletters, toggling back and forth between the facebook tab and the order confirmation for all the sale items you just snagged for your kids this summer. You’re not moving from your spot, not getting dressed, not cleaning your house, and you can talk to your friends all day on facebook, text, Skype, twitter –the choices are endless. Why invite them over? You are perfectly happy in your big pants, slippers and coffee. Kids are happy, mom is getting things done, and there is no need to upset the fine balance of life with a party, of all things.

     What you may not realize is that all that social media, Internet, high-speed, YouTube miracle that you access everyday is now used by thousands of women just like you to socialize, purchase, and get paid (yes, I said get paid). You see, in my world of direct sales, we have recently discovered that many parents would rather not party like it was 1999. They are perfectly content in the here and now, around their family, at home. So slip on your favorite PJs and pour your favorite beverage – it’s time to party!

-       Lena Sewell is an Independent Director with Thirty-One Gifts, and routinely works, parties and parents in her big pants, accompanied only by her mocha and her computer screen.

     Now - let's use all this technology to get you some free stuff! On Monday September 30th, we will do a drawing of everyone that has entered! 

You can enter up to THREE TIMES! The winner will receive a Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One and $15.00 worth of Bows from, your pick, any style,any color on our site!  Here's how to win:

THREE WAYS TO ENTER (do just one, or all three for a better chance to win):
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Dana Robinson said...

I really need that bag!!! :)