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Monday, September 16, 2013

Just another manic Monday - I need another Sunday!

*This post is in no way affiliated with Lamberts Cafe.


     Whew, this weekend flew by WAY to fast!!! Saturday my son started his bowling league.. it was a busy morning so I didn't get to take any pictures (I was not happy about that! - Some to come next week) He really enjoyed bowling and we love this particular bowling alley! After his bowling we decided it was time for Lunch, we wanted to go to Lamberts Cafe, Home of the throwed rolls. This place has the BEST FOOD! Check out their website at This was the first time my husband had been there. We just have never went and ate there on one of our kidless Friday nights and we have never went but I'm very glad we went and my husband absolutely enjoyed it and said we will be going back! Its one of my favorite restaurants in our town. It is a tourist place so if your here or near Foley, AL make sure you get there early!
                                                                      We love goofy pictures

     On Sunday it was BEACH DAY! YAY! - It was such a beautiful day so we enjoyed some time with the kids and family on the beach.


Hope everyone has a great week!!

*This blog is in no way afilliated with Lambert's Cafe

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