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Monday, September 9, 2013

Manic Monday - Wish it was Sunday - Cause thats my Funday!

Usually my Manic Monday- Wish it was Sunday post is usually about our weekend and all the fun stuff we did. Well this past weekend wasn't exactly fun but the end result was well worth all the work we did. Over the weekend we replaced the carpet in our house and layed new carpet and wood flooring in the house.
      We purchased our house from my grandparents. They built the house when I was 10 years old, and then my father moved in and when he passed away, we decided we wanted to buy it. It is in AL, which at the time we were living in Pensacola, FL (Right across the state line) our son was starting Kindergarten and we wanted to be settled. My husband and I always said that we wanted to be settled in an area we were going to stay in because we want our children to go to the same schools with most of the same people, from Elementary School through to Middle School. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to buy this house and be able to be settled for our children.
     Since we moved in, in 2009, we have been making changes to the house to make it our own. We have been wanting to get the carpet out since we moved in. The carpet was 17 years old and had to go! We decided to go with carpet tiles, easy to clean and easy to replace! It only took us One Day from start to finish to get it all done, from ripping the old carpet our to completely finished. Not to bad, if I do say so myself and it looks AMAZING!



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