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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Fun List

Last Year we made a Seasons Family Fun Board that we use for Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall Family activities that we want to do during that Season. When Labor Day comes I always get a little sad, it is the first sign of Fall. I absolutely love all the fall activities and holidays that are coming, HOWEVER I am a certified beach bum/ river rat and family fun in the sun is my favorite and I could do it every weekend, so I am really going to miss that. With Fall coming its time to change our Seasons Family Fun Board. I went on the search for a lot of Fall Activities. I have our traditional things that we do but I wanted the kids to choose some things to. I found this on Pinterest, and now I cannot find it, it looks like it may have been removed, but this mom came up with 100 ideas for your fall bucket list and that was plenty of ideas for us to choose from for our Seasons Family Fun Board.  
Here is the list that she had:

1.     Go on a hike
8.     Play flag football
13.   Go to your local high school football game
24.   Go to a pumpkin patch
37.   Visit a corn maze
43.   Visit an apple orchard
51.   Have a family movie night
61.   Carve a pumpkin
64.   Roast pumpkin seeds
71.   Go star gazing
84.   Have a Halloween party
96.   Make a list of what you are thankful for
I wish I had enough time to do all of these with the kids this fall! I am very excited about all the holidays and tradtions that we have and do. Are you ready?

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