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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Techy Tuesday - Lifestyle Changes



      Usually I watch what I eat, workout, and make sure I'm staying under my 1200 calorie healthy eating lifestyle.  Over the summer it seemed that I had "fallen off the wagon", the kids and I were snacking, spending a lot of time at the beach snacking, and cooking and baking a lot of their favorite goodies.Now I need to focus back on me and making sure that I get that work out in everyday and that were all eating healthy. Of course because I am the mom and wife whatever I cook, is what is eaten and the lunches and breakfasts are of course made by me as well, so because of that everyone is going to be getting health, whether they know it or not, and in more ways then one.

     I prefer to consider any change, especially when it comes to getting healthy a lifestyle change. I don't like the word diet, I think because the first three letters are d-i-e and that's pretty much what you do when your on a diet. You die for some chocolate, or you die for taco Tuesdays, etc. With all the technology now a days, workouts are literally at your finger tips. I found some apps I enjoy and they help me stay in line and their FREE! What more could you ask for? I think the only money that should be spent when you are making healthy lifestyle changes should be done on food because and any odds and ends that will help you and fit your budget, because everyone is different and needs different things for their success.
     Here are some apps and other techy stuff that can help you keep your healthy lifestyle on track when it comes to watching what you eat and working out!


The First App is Fast Food it gives you 7 pages of fast food and restaurants and their meals so you can
check out the serving size, calories, sugars, sodium, etc. This app really helps because you can see what your fixing to put in your body instead of just reading it and "thinking" its good for you. Even though the app really makes you want that cheeseburger.

Next, we all want a trainer, but don't have the time for a set schedule and need some flexibility? Try Workout Trainer. This app gives you 100s of FREE workouts from easy to high intensity workouts with someone walking you through the steps, and encouraging you during the workout. This works great for me for several reasons; I live in the middle of no where therefore, its about a 30 min drive or more to the nearest gym, I don't drive. I am terrified of it, and honestly, even if I did drive, I don't know where I would fit it in. It's so wonderful to have a trainer, be at home, and having the flexibility to do it when I have the time.

Now we all know that it isn't just working out that keeps us in shape, even though we all think well I work out so I can eat what I want and it just does not work like that. Here with MyFitnessPal you can keep track of everything you have eaten for the day and know how many calories, sugars, sodium, etc that you are receiving. Not only does it have a huge library of foods it also gives you the opportunity to put your recipe in for things that are homemade or your creation. Also, add your workouts to this to bring your calories back down and see what you need to eat to complete you day and healthy lifestyle.

If apps aren't for you there are many online options. My fitness Pal is online as well, and you also have the ability to use YOUTUBE for your workouts! THERE ARE SO MANY available to you! Check out some of your favorites and get moving now!
I will be checking in every couple of days with how we are doing and the changes we have made. Hopefully sharing how we are making changes simply will inspire some of you to do the same, because there is no reason not to be healthy except that we are lazy!

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