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Monday, September 23, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies.


     Thursday started off as a crazy day! I did the new iOS7 update for my iPhone, which by the way, I LOVE! Anyways, I checked my alarm before bed Wednesday to make sure that the update didn't delete them or anything, so they were all there but I didn't check the sound .. the alarm sound had changed and we woke up 38 min. late on Thursday. With only 10 min to get ready, I really thought we were going to miss the bus. All of us moms know that the morning is crazy already, so add a 10 min. RUSH to it and you would think you were at the circus. I was so thankful my kids got up, got their clothes, on brushed teeth, grabbed lunches, and were out the door and eating breakfast on the way to the bus stop & we made it!! So that's how my Thursday started off. I had some work that I needed to take care of and I also was meeting with a friend so I decided to make the kids a special treat and bake something for us to snack on and her to take home to the family as well.

When I opened the cabinet I new exactly what I was going to make! This is a SIMPLE throw together dessert. You can of course make this homemade but It was just what was in the cabinet. All you need is: 
•A box of Brownie mix 
•Chocolate Chip cookie recipe, or cookie roll. 
 & you then have Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies :)


 Make the Brownies as directed on the bow, ( you may also need oil and eggs) Pour the brownies into a greased pan, Drop a ball of cookie dough, or place a ball in several spots all over the brownie mixture. Bake as directed for brownies and pan of your choice. You can even add sprinkles to the top if it's a special occasion or buy fall sprinkles and Welcome in Fall!

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