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Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five!

     Well the week has come to an end and its the weekend again! YAY! I love our weekends! Its the only time that we have no schedule or anything specific unless we make plans & then it's,  FUN plans :)  This has been a pretty great week though, so my favorites :)

Started the week off right! Spent a beautiful day at the beach! This is one of my favorite views! I'm so glad its warm enough to still swim! I saw in Colorado it was 48 this morning.. whew, I am NOT ready for cold weather.

The leaves are changing, well only two spots :) Autumn starts Sunday!

- Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies! I was getting together with a friend on Thursday and wanted to bake a special little treat just to snack on and send some with her for the family! I thought this would be a great idea :) & they were so YUMMY!!! (Recipe coming soon)

FULL MOON SHINING BRIGHT - :) I love a full moon! & Especially living on the water. We had Open house to go to last night  & then we went and spent some time with my sister and brother in law so I got to see it from their street, but it was still very big and bright!
My daughters Open House for school was last night - this was one of her pieces of work that was hung in the hallway! It says: When I grow up I wanna be a princess. I have to marry a prince and I can live in a big Castle. I will live at Disney world. - the only words she spelled right are I, to, a, and Disney! Lol- My baby girl loves Disney! 

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