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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Techy Tuesday- Technology Tickets Update

Last week my Techy Tuesday was on Technology tickets and how to help regulate the use of technology with the kids. My children LOVE their ipod touches & Nintendo DS's. Over the Summer the kids use of their electronics was constant when we were home and not doing stuff.  I decided when school started that we needed something to help us regulate the use of the kids electronics that will be fun and they can earn time as well. I found Technology Tickets & You can read about it here:

Update on how the tickets are working out! At first, my son hated it! He didn't like that he could only use up to 2 hrs a day, and then he wouldn't get anymore of them unless they were earned, until Sunday comes. He wanted to play from the time he got home, till the time he went to bed. Things are getting better though, He is getting use to using them and there isn't as much whiny-ness. My daughter loves them. She isn't as much into technology as her brother is, so she thinks its a game. I'm sure this year with her using and ipad at school she will be all about electronics just like he is. We will continue using the technology tickets in our house. It really has been great to not have to worry about them playing it and rotting their minds! :)

How do you regulate technology in your home or do you allow your kids to play on it whenever and for however long they want?

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