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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

{Crawley Wedding 2015} The Rehearsal & Maywood Grill, Chalkhill, PA

I'm so excited to share some wonderful memories with all of you. My cousin Anthony that is truly more like my brother got married in June. We grew up together, spending every other weekend, sometimes every weekend with each other at our grandparents or my aunts, many many spring/summer vacations with my aunt and him to Ohio to see my other aunts and family and lots of other time and memories we're made in between. I was honored when asked to be apart of his wedding. It truly was an honor. Our family isn't like it use to be, it is broken, but the bits and pieces of us that stick together and do the right thing just because it's the right thing to do are still good & we will always be together. So these memories are important to me and I want to share them with you and have them here to always look back on.
      I was in the wedding as one of Lexy's bridesmaids so there isn't many rehearsal photos, but there are some from the rehearsal dinner and all the fun that my daughter and a certain someone were having! I have to admit one thing first, I knew I was going to blog about our trip, things we did, etc. sooo why did the blogger that has been blogging for 3 years not take pictures of the beautiful restaurant? or the food? or anything except all of us. I blame it on being in the moment and making sure that Anthony & Lexy had pictures of these moments and enjoying my time there as well. {Sometimes you just have to live in the moment} So with that being said, I still want to share this beautiful restaurant with y'all.

*Photo and Quote Courtesy of Maywood Grill Website

     We enjoyed dinner at the Maywood Grill in Chalk Hill, PA and I must say this restaurant is an absolute must try if you're in the area. If you are anywhere close to it head up the mountain and enjoy. We actually ate here twice while we were there, I must say the second time was much much better then the first time {I think my pizza wasn't done, but I busy dealing with something else to even have it re-cooked}. The Maywood Grill serves Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and don't forget to grab a special treat on your way out from the bakery. {Which I am kicking myself in the butt for not trying it out, really what kind of blogger am I?} Head on over to the Maywood Grill Facebook page and take a look at all they have to offer in their photos of delicious desserts.
      The other great thing about this restaurant and I don't think this happens at many anymore, at the Maywood Grill almost everything is made from scratch. I can say this would be one of my favorite restaurants if I lived in the area. Head over to the website to read more about how this lovely, welcoming restaurant was born .

"almost everything is made from scratch on premises, including sandwich rolls, pizzas, salad dressings, and desserts."
 Here are some photos from our wonderful time at the Maywood Grill for the Rehearsal Dinner.

      Gift Time - {again, who am I?} I didn't get a pic of the groomsmen gifts.... It was a awesome bottle opener shaped like a bullet. It was perfect for all the men. Lexy got us a beautiful make up bag, with a beautiful bracelet and earrings. My daughter wears her bracelet EVERY single day! She only takes it off for a shower or if she's swimming. 

& here are the few I have from the actual rehearsal:
{Is this not the prettiest rehearsal bouquet you have ever seen? It was too cute & Lexy looked stunning as always}

{Leanne did an amazing job singing How Great Thou Art}
{Bride & Flower Girl, enjoying Leanna singing}

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