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Friday, July 3, 2015

We Flew!!!

Not like an actual butterfly, but we flew to Pennsylvania! It was my daughters first time and I must admit for the past 4 months or so I have had anxiety about flying. I, myself do not mind flying. I actually love to fly and love looking out over the clouds. There is no site more beautiful then that. So my anxiety came from the fact it was going to my 8 year old diva princess's first time flying and she isn't always the easiest to go with a plan. She gets scared easily and when she does she is not the easiest to calm down. She doesn't like to be rushed, and well that's what happens when you have to fly through the ATL, and I was just nervous that it was going to be a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from which would make for a long day of traveling there and back,and a cranky little girl and mommy. I was not looking forward to any of that.

Thankfully we had none of the above. The little diva princess was an angel! We talked a lot about the trip and that we were going to be flying. She had also been to the airport previously to take her great-grandma for her trip and they allowed them to watch the plane come in and take off. So in some sense she knew what to expect. We talked about it being loud, but also talked about the snacks we would get, the snacks and drinks they would give us, and all the stuff she would be able to do while we flew. She was very excited and such a big girl. I forget how big she is and always worry about the things that may effect her and she always surprises me and shows me she can do it and will have no problems doing it.

Before our first flight we went to the little shop in the airport, the same at all airports and bought a few snacks, drinks, and a little flying buddy for her. She picked a turtle,and like all other TY's they have names and this one was Slow Poke, she did not like that name and quickly changed it to Myrtle.

We Boarded our first flight and she did absolutely amazing walking through the aisles and getting to our seats. She really enjoyed looking out the window and enjoying the view. & We we're off headed to ATL then onto to Pittsburgh.

We had a 2 hour layover in ATL which was perfect. If you have ever flown to Atlanta you know how crazy that airport can be. We had enough time to go to the bathroom, grab something to eat, enjoy our food and a quick relax, before heading back to the bathroom before boarding. If you have little ones you know that enough time for bathroom breaks is crucial. Our flights were great, we love flying Delta, and I can't wait to share all the great flying tips I have. 

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