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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

{Monthly Memories} June 2015

All photos © Raised Southern 2015

Hello Y'all! How has your Summer been going? I hope it's going great and you're having a safe adventurous one. We sure have and have had a lot of great memories. Most of June was spent on the beach and planning to travel to Pennsylvania so we have a lot of photos coming from there and many in our Southern Snapshots. June was absolutely full of memories! Memories that I carry in my heart so close and bring tears to my eyes when I think about them. I'm so blessed to know all these wonderful people and have them be apart of mine and my families life. They are all so very special to us. I could go on and on but instead I'll share my photos!

Here's our June Monthly Memories!

 Brother & Sister Making Gummy Bear Popsicle's

 Mr. Destin enjoying his new car & snack.

Happy Birthday Dianna (11) & Destin (1)

 Cousins & Best Buds

 Brayden & Uncle Mike

 Logan & Uncle Mike chatting
 Just Me

 Color Fun @ Camp ^^

 My Favorite Sister-in-law & neices!

Meet Marie!

Laila <3's her new tiara, she's a princess.

Beautiful Little Girl in the Mountains!


Can't go to PA without a trip to Sarris!

Laila+Penny= B.F.F.

My Sweet Girl! Mommy Daughter Adventure 2015

When we first got to PA! Some of my favorite people!

Ready to head home to be with Daddy & Logan, but missing our PA/NY family already!

Baby coming February 2016 {Not my baby though, don't get any crazy ideas like that}

Crafty Tuesday *FAIL*

 Funny Faces with Laila & Brielle { Laila absolutely loved hanging out and playing with Lexy's Sister Brielle. I'm so glad everyone loved and enjoyed Laila as much as she loved and enjoyed being around everyone}

*Sitting with her favorites during rehearsal*

Not this particular picture but he was holding her the day of the wedding and he looked over and said, "I'm going to be a good dad, one day." and as tears swelled in my eyes I replied, "You sure will"

Bride & her bridesmaid - glad the reception is set up, now for lunch!

Gotta try out the dance floor.

-Present Mail- So excited <3

**So Special**

I LOVE this photo! They were all getting down and having the time of their life!

 More Laila Selfies!

Wedding Party Getting Down!

Yes, the Bride had chicken fingers and french fries {instead of steak & stuffed chicken breast} at her wedding. :)

Bridesmaids & Flower Girl

Mr. & Mrs. Crawley

*It's official!

 Just Me

 Brunch with the families!
 Cousins {more like Brother & Sister}

 More like sister -in-laws!

New Best Friends ^^

We had such an amazing month! June was full of so many great memories, that I don't ever want to forget! These are the memories that are suppose to stay in your life and heart forever!

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