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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Historic Summit Inn, Farmington, PA

 I have to tell you all about this beautiful historic hotel. The Historic Summit Inn is located on Chestnut Ridge and opened to the public in 1907. There is so much history to this hotel. If you do nothing else you must go to the Summit Inn site and read all the history this hotel holds. I've never been a big history buff, and honestly I remember sleeping through history in high school and thinking back on it I'm not even sure how I passed that class. Any way, after reading the history on this hotel it is such a privilege to have been here and actually get to see such a historic site. History isn't as important as it once was and the older I get the more I appreciate it and think it is such a shame that many, such as I (once did) have no appreciation or much knowledge of history. Take a look at this photo taken in 1907 when it was first opened to the public. 

*Photo Courtesy of The Historic Summit Inn
We stayed at the Summit Inn in June for my cousins wedding to his beautiful wife! #CrawleyWedding2015 You can read all about our time at the rehearsal, the wedding, and the reception, just click the links. The hotel was beautiful, pulling up it was everything you see in their pictures. It really was like we were stepping back into a historic inn, which is fantastic in most ways. The rooms are simple, just as shown on The Summit Inn's website, the bathrooms are newly renovated and were very spacious. For being renovated they still fit into the decor of the hotel. I have no complaints about the hotel because it was a fabulous stay and the entire staff helped with everything and anything needed for the wedding reception. I do have some suggestions and things I feel we're inconvenient just for "now a days". There is no wifi available except in the lobby/common area of the hotel. I found this a bit disturbing because who does not have Internet wifi available and I had some work I was unfortunately not able to get completed. So please take this into account if you are going to the area for business or going for a family vacation to the mountains and need to get some work done. The other suggestion and inconvenient "thing", which really is just a preference and I guess what would be expected for any hotel, there are no refrigerators in the rooms. We luckily had a cooler but if we didn't we would have had to drive about 30 minutes, down the mountain to the bride's house to get a cooler, which would have been fine just an inconvenience. Other then those two small things, which really are minor because it was nice to not be so connected to the world, for a moment to be "off the grid", and like I said we had a cooler so it wasn't a big deal, just be aware. The hotel does have very good cell service so if you have date availability or a cell service provided Internet service you will be fine. I absolutely plan on coming back to The Summit Inn with my husband and our son, my daughter was in the wedding and there with me, but this is a beautiful and fun place to relax and hang out in in the mountains.
 Here are some more pictures for around The Historic Summit Inn

 Check-In and a beautiful staircase to upstairs. You walk in with this stair case directly in front of you. It very much is a eye catcher and who doesn't love a double sided set of stairs.

This is the Bar located in the hotel and just past it (in the photo) is Mae's which is the restaurant available for dining. I love that it is called Mae's because my name is Mae and a few special people call me Miss Mae. 

How beautiful is this fireplace. This is in the lobby/common area I was referring to for Internet access. Y'all know I am not a cold weather person but I could imagine a snowy day on the mountain and this beautiful fireplace keeping me warm and cozy. However I would never plan to travel anywhere while it is snowing, lol. 

These are the pools, inside and outside. They are both beautiful pools. The inside one stays opening later then the outside which was very nice because we were so busy till 8 or 9 at night that we didn't have a lot of time to swim till later in the days. I could spend a few sunny days though on the mountain, in the pool, and enjoying this beautiful view. 

This is a random picture but I really loved this lights that are outside on the balcony. They give off a red glow that makes it feel warm and cozy and really relaxing.

Take a Look at some of the gorgeous view, at different times of course and a few have a storm rolling in from the left. While I love the beach and couldn't imagine my life without it, I could have this view on the other side of my house and live a perfect life.

This is a great place to for an outdoor getaway. There is also a great secret here, a beautiful tree house for your viewing built by Tree House Masters. If you go for no other reason but to view it, that's a great reason. Have a wonderful day y'all! 

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