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Friday, July 3, 2015

6 Tips for Flying with Kids or First Time Flyers

As you may have previously read in We Flew, we recently embarked on an adventure. At least that's how we started talking to our daughter about us flying for her first time. My cousin got married June 20th to an amazing women. I'm so happy for the two of them and we couldn't be happier or more honored to have been apart of their special day! I was very nervous about flying especially with my 8 year old daughter. After all the anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights (let's be honest, I don't have many of those because I can sleep anywhere, anytime), but with all the stress and anxiety I had there really was no need for it. Our flight experience was wonderful and I thought I would share with you how we made it that way. Here are my tips.

-You will need food-
When you travel what is the best apart of it? The snacks of course, at least to the kids anyway. While you can take food through security I prefer not to. I may pack a granola bar, banana, or crackers in my bag, I find it's always more fun to buy some snacks at the airport. At least one or two things. Kids are also always so excited about buying things, anything. Let them pick out one or two special snacks that are something they aren't normally allowed to have. My daughter chose Doritos and mini Starbursts and of course you have to have a drink, which what is better then chocolate milk & it had a lid. (You know how important a lid is with children)

-Buy a new friend for your adventure-

Yes, I know your child has more stuffed animals then can fit in his/her room and you just threw 3 bags out last week, but really Myrtle (you can read about her here) was a life saver. Of course they will have their favorite that they brought from home with them but they will really love a new one. You can let them pick one out at the airport also so their all excited about it right then and there and ready for them to take their first flight too.

-Talk about the Flying Experience-
Talk, Talk, Talk! Talk with your child(ren) about what it will be like to fly. Every little detail is important to their curious minds. My Husband, mom, grandmother, and myself all had many conversations about going through security, everything you have to do with your bags, waiting on the airplane, getting on it, the bathroom on the plane, etc. We talked about everything! I think this really prepared her for our flight. She has also been to the airport before to drop my grandmother off and was allowed back to say bye and watch her take off. You can also talk to them about safety on the airplane. If you are flying Delta (and even if you are not) check out their awesome safety video. This is really cute and gives everyone a good laugh and relaxed feel. 

-Bring the Electronics-
While the day and age of portable dvd players and gameboys are gone. There is much more room in your bags and your children's when you just have to pack the tablet/ipod. Having these was a gift! It was great for my daughter to be able to have her games, take photos, draw/color, and watch movies. Now yes it does cost to have wifi access on the airplane but Delta has a great on board access to movies for everyone through Delta Studio. All the movies are free, you do have to have an additional app, but it will prompt you to download it if you do not have it, and they will allow you just enough wifi to download it. My daughter watched Frozen each time on our flights. There are many other movies to choose from though if Let It Go has been played enough in your house.
{Also make sure you bring headphones, not only will you and all the other passengers be thankful she/he have them but she/he will be too so they can hear over the loudness and their ears popping.

-Extra Battery Power is a MUST-
While yes you can charge your phone/ipod/ipad/tablet/etc. in the airport while waiting for you next flight at a charging station that are positioned all over the airport, you probably will not have enough time to get a good charge on it to make it through your next flight and until you can get it plugged in. You can purchase a Battery pack at any of your local stores, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. They cost anywhere from $8-$20. I highly recommend having one for each person. We used our battery packs so much, I don't think we would have made it through the trip without them.

-Long Layovers are Important-
When flying by myself I prefer a shorter layover. I want to go travel, get my flights out of the way, and arrive at my destination as quickly as possible. However, when I began thinking about all the time I would need while traveling with my daughter, I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get all the way across the airport if I need to with "Little Legs". I chose to have a 2 1/2 hour layover. If you didn't know planes typically began boarding 30 to 35 mins before the flight takes off. Make sure that you incorporate this into your time. I wanted to make sure I had time to go to the bathroom, grabs our snacks and drinks, grab something to actually eat because it would be about lunch time and be at my gate and ready to board. This all worked out perfectly. We had plenty of time to do everything we need and about 15 mins to spare for our electronics to charge.

These are my 6 tips for Flying with Kids or First Time Flyers. I hope these help you and your adventure is amazing! Have a great time traveling.

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