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Friday, August 1, 2014

Don't Tell me I can't or it's Too Much - How I Try to Get it All Done!

Don’t Tell me I can’t or it’s too much!- How I Get it All Done, For Now.

     Don’t Tell me I can’t or it’s too much, because I’ll show you I can do it and get it all done. 1st of I’m a Women that explains everything. I have a habit of taking on too much, but honestly it all gets done {Somehow}
     First thing is first, I’m a Stay at home Mom & Wife so most of the home duties fall on me, I’m good with that I like things a certain way & he goes and works all day. Don’t think I wait on him hand and foot, because our Acre & a half is his responsibility, but I handle the Laundry, Cooking, & Cleaning. All of this sometimes gets done, though most deep cleaning gets done sporadically, our house is cleaned daily, through a regular cleaning routine. Our Kids are 10 & 7 and they have certain responsibilities that are theirs and I have certain responsibilities that are mine. This is truly the only way that everything gets done, child labor, just kidding, but this is teaching them responsibilities & hard work pays off. The kids earn a small allowance {I say small because this is their house too, and I’m sorry but I don’t feel they need to see working & cleaning the house as the same thing, because it’s not} You will always need/want to keep a clean house. The kids have a “bank”{Read all about the Kids Bank HERE} My Husband takes care of everything outside, cutting the grass, pressure washing the house, trimming the hedges, etc.
-That’s how everything gets done in the house; Everyone pitches in and takes care of the home, because this is all of our home!

I don’t know how all it gets done. Sometimes it truly baffles me that I write out a “To Do List” & it someone all gets completed, sometimes not as quick as I would like, or the exact moment I would like, and sometimes things do get forgotten but it always gets done. –I even have a Calendar and a great organizing system, but it still sometimes gets hectic.
- Make sure you have a Calendar for each blog. Sometimes one Calendar can become too cluttered and you forget something or don’t have enough room for everything. Write down everything that needs to get done on a separate piece of paper and then schedule it on your calendar. If you set up a schedule you will work hard and be more focused on what you are working on and what needs to get done.
-Once you have your calendars, have a daily to do list. Write down the top 10 things that have to get done today, and focus on them, once you are done and have any work time, continue on your list. If you don’t get to everything, schedule it on your calendar or save it for tomorrow.
{Sometimes, I work during extra time while supper is cooking, and everyone is outside playing or once the kids are in bed, and my husband is watching another action drama that I’m really not into}

*Boutique Business
So Since I took my Boutique of the web I have had several customers that have kept in contact with me through my blog or know me personally and they have all asked why I took my Boutique offline, WELL, if you must know, it was only because I’ve been building it. I’ve been making A lot of new bows and ordered several different new sets of ribbon to make more. Everything will be coming back soon, but I’ve really enjoyed the Summer just hanging with the kids and having one thing off my plate, However it is coming back online! So be ready, but the way this gets done, is when I need a break. I love making bows or being creative and making all kinds of things & this is a way to clear my head because I do have to focus on what I’m doing to get it just right. Plus my daughter loves new bows, and she knows new bows are coming for school time.
-Find a Hobby that is possible your passion like mine, and work hard to build it into a business. I hope to one day have my Raised Southern Products in some our local boutiques, or to open my very own Boutique that carries only local businesses?
– Spending Quality Time with my Family
If you’re a Working Stay at Home Mom like me, the best thing about it is the flexibility we have to spend with our family whenever we want or are needed. Please do not get me wrong working at home is hard, you’re at your home the majority of the time so you have to be very disciplined to treat work time like work time, family time as family time. Even though it is hard work, the best thing about it is if my daughter wants to go for ice cream, and I am in the middle of emailing, writing, scheduling,etc. I can stop exactly what I’m doing, where I am at and go with my family to get ice cream and then if we decide to play a game of goofy golf, we can. It’s great to have that freedom but the key is to remember you only have that freedom if you work hard to complete the work that needs to be done.

Even though my day consists of All of the above, everyday, all day – I am adding additional stuff to my plate. I know, the thought of REALLY? Comes to mind but I am going to be Homeschooling. This is something that is really important and new for our family. In my small town Middle School starts in 4th grade – yes, my going to 5th grader has the knowledge of a 6th or 7th grader, even though he doesn’t show it but when your 10 year old discusses Sex as “making out & stuff” you get a little concerned. I have a list of reasons to homeschool that are very beneficial to my children. I love my daughters elementary school so she is going to finish elementary school and then homeschool. This is going to be a new journey for all of us and I am very excited at all that can be done with homeschooling, especially around our area and how advanced it can be. If it is something you have ever thought about I would definitely check further into it and what all is offered around your town and area.

-All I can say about getting everything done is to be one scheduled family, but make sure that schedule is flexible because it will change several times a day, and just go with it!

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