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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Catch some Savings at Wal-Mart

      Shop at Wal-mart for everything? I do too and let me tell you that my bank account screams every time I go in there. For some reason I go into Wal-mart an all of sudden remember everything I need to buy and usually go ahead and get it all. My husband on the other hand can take a list get whats on the list and get out of there, how he does it I will never know. I choose Wal-mart though for the amount of money it saves me.

     When I say Wal-mart saves me money i mean it, and not in the I spend hours cutting coupons way either. I can't speak for Wal-Marts all over but the Wal-Mart here matches not only everything on sale other places, it matches Buy One, Get One Free ads from other grocery stores here locally. Do you know how much money that saves me alone? Most of the other grocery stores raise their prices when they have buy one get one items where you are technically paying for the other item too, but not at Wal-Mart. The way this works easiest, I have found, is to make a list from your sales paper of the things on sale and their prices. While shopping make sure to keep the items separated from your regular grocery items so there is no confusion. When you get to the check out, go ahead and put all your BOGO items and any additional sale items up so you can make sure you get through this. I have only been asked once to see the sales ad, but I always have them with me. I find it easier to make a separate list so I don't have to continue to flip through the sales ad.

- Now not only is Walmart matching ads including the BOGO ads now, they have a brand new app, and you can use it online as well by going to the website. It is called savings catcher and if you haven't heard about it you should check this out. Wal-Mart Savings Catcher

      This Savings catcher in my past two trips to Wal-Mart ( I go weekly, usually) has already saved me $11.34 and it's very easy. I have not used the app, but if you prefer apps or do not have access to a computer this is the way to go, on the app you will scan the bar code of your receipt. If you use the computer you will login with your Wal-Mart account and enter in the TC# of your receipt (if you don't know where that is, don't worry it's easy and they will show you exactly where it is). Once you scan your receipt or enter it, it can take up to two days for them to scan them and they will send you an email within those 2 days to let you know what you saved. You then can log onto your account and see where exactly the savings were from and how much you saved, you then can transfer to a gift card if you would like or shop online- I'm saving mine for Christmas Shopping!
     Wal-Mart is proving why they are the best and the fact that they are doing all the work for you and you are able to get your savings back makes Wal-Mart the store I will be going to. Head on over to Savings Catcher and make sure to enter your receipt within 7 days of shopping to get your savings back.

*This is not a Sponsored Post in any way, all opinions are mine. I am just sharing the wonderful program of the Savings Catcher from Wal-Mart.


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