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Monday, August 25, 2014

Chore Chart App- iAllowance

     Looking to make your Chore Chart a little more child friendly? In this day an age, I have noticed that children aren't about writing things on paper, they would rather make a note on their computers with their sticky notes, or in their tablet. They will look up anything happily but give them a dictionary and they are not too sure what to do with it. Children now a days are being raised on Technology, it is inevitable. Technology is all around them, everyday.

     We have always used paper charts, some the kids made themselves when they were younger and now to printed ones they check off now that they are older. Since they have gotten older and started wanting some of their own things that I am not just going to buy unless it's birthdays or Christmas, they have started receiving an allowance. I'm not all about giving them a large amount of allowance for helping clean a house they live in too, so our children receive $5.00 a week, $2.50 for Spending Money on whatever {Candy, extra snack at school, go out for ice cream} and $2.50 for Savings, that is for something big they want, or like right now it is for our Disney Vacation. You can find out more about the Kids Bank and how we do it HERE.

When I found iAllowance I knew it was perfect for us. It has their chores listed, it has a Spending account, Savings Account, Special Awards area, and you can even add time, like technology time, we also have started using this app instead of our Technology Tickets. This app is everything you need for your children. If you have one child you can use the free version, but if you are using for more then one you will need to purchase iAllowance for $3.99.

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