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Saturday, August 2, 2014

{July Monthly Memories}

Hello AUGUST, which means July is over & it is time for our Monthly Memories! We want to share all our fun memories from August that we have & the stuff we did!
We went & enjoyed Breakfast with my mom {the kids call her YaYa} and took a look walk on the beach to see what we could find! I of course enjoyed the morning taking pics and looking at the kids findings!

Fourth of July was a lot of fun! We had family & friends out at the house and of course the kids had to go for a swim, some of them even in their clothes.

Cool off Crafts! Freezer Balls!

Homemade Slip N Slide & Water Balloon Fight

Daddy, watching movie & holding hands with his little  girl! I love moments like this!

Silly Faces made at my husband!

New Places & A New Start {For the Sister in Law & Brother in Law}
This is what happens when 10 year olds try to do those cheap slip-n-slides that they are too big for! So thankful this is all it was!
More 4th of July Pics {I have no idea how they got mixed up, I didn't load them this way} Uncle Justin & Mason shooting Roman Candles.
The Kids sure do love sparklers!

Even little ones! Mr. Jack Jack was so cute with his sparklers!

He loved sitting with his mommy doing them <3

I love this picture because he's just watchin the sparkler but there is also a big firework going off in the back ground!

She does not like fireworks so we sat her down & gave her all of the cake balls! That kept her busy & she didn't even want to share!
Happy Birthday Jack!

The kids had a lot of fun!

Thousands of Tadpoles!
What Monster have we created? Look at this Diva!

My neice and this sparkly, high top tennis shoes! She's 9 & I can wear her shoes!

One of the outfits she got from her shopping trip!
Homemade Popsicles!
Mr. Destin! He's already getting so so big!
I would say someone is now a Diva Princess! She loves to get dressed up!
Taking walks at the clay pits!
That's right! I may live in & love the great beautiful state of Alabama, but my blood is full of Blue & Orange Florida Gator SEC Pride!
Night Walks on the beach! I love seeing all the castles & Sand Snowman that were built from earlier in the day.

Probably up to no good! ^^ Just Kidding, I was waiting on my hunny to get home so we could go shopping!
-She loves Cupcakes!

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