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Friday, August 29, 2014

{HomeSchooling} Our First Week

We made it through the first week! YAY! It really was a great week! It was a little of an adjustment but it is going to be great for my son and I think he is really going to enjoy it. The first couple of weeks are going to be a review for Math & English, to kind of see where he is and/or what he needs help with. I also worked on looking up other peoples home school schedules to get an idea of what we should be doing, and the number one thing I learned this week homeschooling is this:
Everyone home schools differently and usually according to what is best for their child.
     Our "School" is taking place in our playroom! We have a white board in there that doubles as a screen for our our projector. I figured this would be the best place because I can also teach on the board too. We set up a table especially for my son, we have a whole desk set for him but we will not be putting it up till after our vacation, because the whole room will need to be redone. He's very excited about his new desk. Here is what our room currently looks like.   

      On our First Day of School my son spent the day with his grandma. We wanted the day to be a special day for him just like it is for my daughter who is actually going to school. He spent his day doing a fun Science Experiment! You can find experiments as easy or as difficult as you want at 
Here is their experiment: 

     The rest of the week we spent working on getting comfortable with our schedule and reviews on what he knows. This week gave me a great outlook on what my son needed, how he learned, what he would like to learn and more. I am so very excited about this school year for him and am already starting to plan out the rest of the year!
Are you a home school family? How do you Home school?


Nikki Cotton said...

I'm so glad y'all had a great first week!

Raised Southern said...

Thank You Nikki! Week 2 was great as well! Do you homeschool?