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Thursday, August 7, 2014

{Our Family} Happy Birthday to Us

Yay for the Month of August, for Leos, for our beautiful birthstone the Peridot, it means it's our Birthdays! My husband and I's birthday are in August, 10 days apart. His is the 1st and mine the 11th. We have this running joke that I say my birthday is the because it has two number 1's in it. He of course says his is the best because it is the 1st, ya know, number 1. LOL, If you a wife, you know we just let them think whatever they want, even though his day is very special.

     This year for my husbands birthday, the last year of his 20's I wanted to do something very very special, so I got a little sneaky. My husband is in love with his football team! He is a die hard FL Gator Fan, football season is starting and, he has never been to a football game, so what is the best gift in the world? Football Tickets to the game with a great view. Yes, that makes me the best wife in the world. So I got busy conjuring up a plan of how I was going to get these tickets for our family to go to the game on our way home from Orlando. I talked to other members of the family about my plan and they decided that was a great idea and instead of getting us gifts they would just get us tickets. That way they didn't have to get me anything and he would get the surprise of his life :) I got the tickets a week before his birthday and I couldn't wait to tell him. I knew how happy he was going to be and I just knew he would cry. He didn't but he did fold the picture of the view from our seats that I printed out and carries it in his wallet {how sweet, I know} Even though we are waiting till our vacation to celebrate our birthdays I absolutely cannot wait. We were going to have a great time already but this was icing on the cake! 

These are Memories we will have Forever! 

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