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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Let's Dye {and not Dye} Some Easter Eggs

     I think I'm as bad as the kids about the excitement I can't contain when I think about all the fun we have decorating Easter eggs. We have always done them as a family and usually the kids get to do them several times between us and at their yaya's. For the past 3 or 4 years we have been looking at different ways to do them and buying different little gadgets and fun tools to help decorate them. Well this year I decided to do something different and seeing as how we have PLENTY of temporary tattoos this will be the one's we do this year- {Probably tonight to be exact}. While finding the idea we were going to go with I of course found on Pinterest {You can never find just one idea on Pinterest}and wanted to share the others with all of you and save them in a special place so I can come back to them next year! What is your favorite way to dye Easter eggs? Do you do it just the traditional way or do you get all the crafts stuff out & takes a whole day to clean up? Here's Mine!

*Photo Courtesy of Woo Home 
     This is such a genius idea especially since I have a drawer that is FULL of temporary Tattoos because the kids get tattoos all the time. At holidays, especially Easter, the library, school, etc. Everywhere! So I thought this year we would Temporary Tattoo our Easter Eggs with all the different characters and designs we have.

I just want to make sure I say there is NOTHING wrong with traditional egg dying It's always fun to see what colors you can end up with and then deciding which are your eggs and which one is the ugliest. :) Here is a color chart to help you decide what colors you want your eggs.
I love all the different colors of Pink & Purple - I found this on Thank you so much for sharing. Click to view a larger view.

*Photo Courtesy of  Jenna Burger
How CUTE - I absolutely loved making melted crayon pumpkins so of course these are on my list!

*Photo Courtesy of A Thrifty Mom
Need to add a few minions to your Easter basket? Here is a fun way or let the kids make their own minions and play all day!

*Photo Courtesy of Passion for Savings 
Oppppssss forgot to grab food coloring? Use Kool-Aid to dye your Easter Eggs, you're sure to have some in the cabinet somewhere

*Photo Courtesy of Big Sis, Lil Sis 
How cool would these eggs be for Deviled Eggs? I love the Spiderweb look of these - it would even be great to save these for Halloween.

*Photo Courtesy of Mom.Me
Take your drawing skills to a different canvas. Grab the Sharpies and get busy decorating! The egg decorations are endless here, show off all your creativity.

*Photo Courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous 
I have glitter in my veins and if it comes in glitter I will take it! Glitter is a hassle to some but to me the more glitter the better, even with the mess. These are some of my favorite decorated eggs,if you have a girl I'm sure these will be in your future sooner or later!

*Photo Courtesy of Jenna Burger
Create your very own Ombre Style Easter Egg. Do it in every color and your sure to have a colorful egg hunt!

However you decide to dye or not dye your Easter Eggs this year make sure you do the most important thing and that is have fun! With some of these you could ever try without any hassle such as the sharpie drawings on the Easter Egg. What is your favorite way to do Easter Eggs?

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