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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Basket Ideas {not all candy related}

     Sometimes the traditional treat and toy filled Easter Basket gets old and you start wanting some ideas of what you can do different well I have plenty of ideas to help you out and I must admit these are some awesome Easter basket ideas. You may even want your kid to have two or three Easter Baskets after seeing some of these.

I always thought we did pretty great Easter baskets, not according to these:

My Personal Favorite:

*Photo Courtesy of
How adorable is this, maybe a little overboard for one kid {I personally don't think so, being raised a only child} but absolutely perfect if you have 2+ children. fill the pool with hulu hoops and outdoor fun! I want to do this this year for the kids - if I get a chance to make it to the store for the extra stuff I need.
*Photo Courtesy of Down Home Inspiration
LOOK AT THESE - okay maybe the pool is a little overboard, not if you have smaller kids though... but if you have Big Kids this is your route... New Beach Towels, Pool Noodles, and fun in the sun extras.

*Photo Courtesy of The Krazy Koupon Lady 
Maybe your kids are grown but you still like to get them something a little special. This is a great way to go, grab their favorite candy a few plastic eggs filled with cash {because we know they don't want anything else} and give them a special Easter basket from Mom & Dad! 

*Photo Courtesy of Hoosier Homemade
This site not only gives you these great ideas for Easter Basket Ideas for Men, this posts also has 30 Themed Easter Baskets Ideas that is for EVERYONE in the family!

*Photo Courtesy of A Kindergarten Life for Me
How adorable would these be for your class, co-op, or Sunday Bible School class? Everyone would get their own special treat and Bunny Basket!

Do you have a son that is in love with MineCraft? {I don't get it BUT I do get it} Here is a Easter Basket Idea to make their Easter everything they never knew they wanted it to be!

*Photo Courtesy of The Shopping Mama
Like I said everything you will need for your minecraft lover!

*Photo Courtesy of The High Heeled Hostess 
Take a look at this "Easter Basket" cocktail that is... While in my search for Easter Basket ideas this came up and I figured would be a great addition to your Easter celebration.

*Photo Courtesy of Early Play Templates
Let the kids decorate, cut, glue, and give their own Easter Baskets out. This is such a sweet gift for the kids to give out to their friends and other family members.

*Photo Courtesy of It's Always Autumn 
Give Easter Baskets to everyone you know with this simple Cookie Basket made from paper plates and a ribbon! Too Easy not to do for a kind gesture to brighten up everyone's day!

*Photo Courtesy of Mommy Savers
Another great basket for the big kids in your life. They are sure to love this, especially with the weather being as beautiful as it has been. Fun in the Sun with this Beach Towel Easter Basket 

Maybe the traditional basket is your best way to go or maybe it's not but whatever you choose I'm sure it will be great! Here are some ideas that will help you make your Easter very special! 

Happy Easter Y'all!!

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