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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spice up your Fiesta and your Taco Tuesday

     Cinco De Mayo is coming up May 5, are you going to be celebrating? Let Old El Paso, Avocados from Mexico, and Publix help you Spice up your Fiesta. If you are throwing your own Cinco De Mayo party or attending one I'm sure you are going to be making something delicious and I have exactly what you need to help your party be a great one. 
    Now Guacamole is not my thing, I have tried it a few different ways and it just isn't for me but I know many people that are Avocado lovers and could eat it daily so if you are or know someone like that make sure to take advantage of these Avocados from Mexico at your local Publix, find a store near you and grab these coupons before you head out to grab your party supplies. Even if Guac is not for you, the beautiful green will give your Fiesta the perfect final touch. 

    For my family of picky eaters, burritos are the way to go, and as I said they are picky eaters so Old El Paso is the way to go to spice up our Cinco De Mayo celebration and our Taco Tuesday's. Taco Tuesdee {how we pronounce it} is a loved supper night around here! We try to mix it up and have different types of Taco recipes and try new things. This past week has been such a busy week as we prepare for the end of school, we had family in town for a week, dance recital practices, and I could go on and on. During certain days of the week I need some quick meals that I go to on days where I don't have time to even cook the meals I planned and prepped. Old El Paso is perfect for those nights and for a quick celebration of Cinco De Mayo. 
    With Cinco De Mayo being during the week it's hard for us as a family to go out and celebrate or to get friends together for a get together due to all our after school activities so we have a night together. Tonight we gave our Cinco De Mayo Burrito dinner a try just to make sure it's what we wanted to do next week.  It was a hit. This is a very simple traditional taco supper but with a family of picky eaters it's hard to have anything that's not traditional. 

         Old El Paso was there to spice it up for us with this great Soft and Hard Taco dinner kit with everything in one, these Stand n' Stuff Tortillas {now known as "burrito boats"}, and Mild Taco Sauce.

We also season our meat a little different then everyone else and always get compliments from others on it. This is a little trick I learned from my sister-in-law on seasoning the taco meat. Instead of using seasoning and waiting the extra time it takes for the seasoning to cook through just use taco sauce. 

Brown your meat, and drain well.

After you drain your meat add the Old El Paso Mild Taco Sauce into the meat, enough for it to cover all the meat, and you're ready to eat right away.

Soft tacos are our preference but I like to make nachos with the hard taco so I was glad to have the hard tacos from the Old El Paso Hard and Soft Taco Kit. Also the Stand n' Stuff Tortillas were fun to have for a first time and really spiced up our dinner in a fun way. These are now called burrito boats in our house. 

As you are planning your Cinco De Mayo Celebration make sure to grab these Old El Paso Coupons and make sure you enter to win $10.00 to help you celebrate more. 

    For the giveaway, go to and  to check out the Old El Paso and Avocados from Mexico stories, see all the products, and recipes. Come back and comment  what you think of these new products, and what recipes you would like to try!

     Another great thing that I can't forget to mention is that Old El Paso is a supporter of Box tops for Education so make sure to clip yours and send them in with the kids for their school!

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