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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Desserts & Treats Round-Up

      10 Easter Desserts to keep your guests happy or just to keep you and the family full on Easter! I can always find some new thing to bake or design. I have always loved to baked cupcakes, but just in the last two months I learned how to actually ice cupcakes! I'm serious, ice them like I bought them and you would be so surprised at how easy it really is. {Learn by watching videos on YouTube}. Maybe you are looking for something new to try, something to get a little more creative with, or maybe just a treat the whole family will enjoy. Whatever it is that you are looking for for a Easter Dessert Treat you will be sure to find here in these 10. You may even find more then one.

     I usually put my top favorite first but I had so many so I decided to just go with the it in no particular order.

*Photo Courtesy of  Cincy Shopper
Perfect Easter Cupcake and did we mention E-A-S-Y? I don't think a cute cupcake could get any easier and the kids, well they will love choosing their favorite color and getting a Peep to enjoy with their cupcake!

*Photo Courtesy of Taste of Home
These little cuties will be the hit of your Easter shindig.. Chicks-on-the-Ranch Deviled Eggs 

*Photo Courtesy of Two Sisters Crafting
Are these not the cutest bite size snack you have ever seen? {a little too much all in one bite for me but they are cute} These will be a hit at any Easter or Spring get together you have and there so easy this will keep the kids busy in an afternoon of making Flower Pretzel Bites

*Photo Courtesy of Yellow Bliss Road
Of course Rice Krispie Treats are the go to for any get together where you need a quick treat. These Layered Peeps Krispie Rice Treats will make you the hit of your Easter get together, at least with the kids. These are great to even send to school with your little one as a special Easter treat or to give to everyone at your church this Sunday. 

*Photo Courtesy of  Taming Twins
Now this is not a typical breakfast BUT I think for special occasions such as Easter and possibly Christmas these sweet treats will be allowed and we will have them for dessert after supper too. Caramel Egg Stuffed Easter Croissants 

*Photo Courtesy of  us : Raised Southern
Bunny Bait - Too Delicious not to try and munch on all day this Easter. If you have a big crowed or just a bunch of little ones, one batch will be the perfect snack for your group! Grab the Recipe!

*Photo Courtesy of Just a Pinch 
I love making Jell-O anything, even though it doesn't always turn out as I planned. Sometimes everything turns out just right and then other times well lets just say we end up with no Jell-O molded anything, just bits and pieces of Jell-o every where. These Jell-O eggs are of course the missing to touch to your Easter get together. Find out how to make these now! 

*Photo Courtesy of  Handmade Charlotte
I've always wondered how Tie Dye Cake was made and this tells me everything I need to know! I think this would be such a cute Easter cake or even could do cupcakes.

*Photo Courtesy of Us - Raised Southern
Butterfly Snacks a fun and healthy snack for all the kids in your class, co-op, or church Sunday School class. These are also one of the easy cutest crafts you've put together. Have Fun! 

& There is a Reason these are last because let me be honest I could eat my weight, my husbands weight, and the two kids weight in Reese's anything, really anything chocolate covered peanut butter. It's Sad. lol but I figured if I put these last maybe I wouldn't see them as often and want them as much because they aint good for the hips. In case you ever want to make your own here you go!

*Photo Courtesy of  Cincy Shopper
Like I said above ^^ I have a love for a chocolate covered peanut butter anything! These are so easy though how could you not want to make a batch right up. You could even add some colored chocolate melts and add a little color to your eggs! YUM! |

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