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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

{Monthly Memories} February & March

     I can't believe that it is already APRIL! Where is this year going and why does every year seem to fly by faster and faster? This  is one of my favorite series in my blogs because I get to share all the photos of my family and things we are doing, selfies, memories, and so much more. When I started to do March's Monthly Memories, I thought, wait when is the last time I did the Monthly Memories? It was January,but still I was worried. I must have got so busy with the crafts for Spring and enjoying the warmth outside that I forgot to do them. So this is *Picture Heavy* but it's great great memories!

These are all from February and March 2015

My husband built this contraption for the kids. It's there own "movie theater" instead of having to hold their ipods while they watch shows, they can lay down, place the ipod on top and watch your movie in complete darkness and not having to hold the ipod constantly.

One of my Gorgeous Nieces! i love getting pictures of them and all their attitude, looking cute!

King Cake - all I can say is yummmm....

HAHAHAHA, if she sees this she will hate me. but this is my sister when I send her pictures of the beach and shes at work!

The Kids painting some beautiful birdhouses!

Sunrise - Spring was coming!

SOOOO CUTE! This outfit is so precious!

Pre-Teen Attitude coming - sound the alarms.

Pinterest - Bad for kids too...

Logan wanted his Valentines to be Homemade Cinnamon Rolls for everyone for Valentines Day.

My little girl all dressed up in her pearls and ready for her Father/Daughter Date to the movies!

Laila Getting love from Gator

She loves reading to the puppys at the library and they seem to love it too!

This is one of their favorite things to climb and this was Lailas first time climbing to the top.

Working on their fitness.

This how Laila watches Ballet on T.V. just like her daddy watching football!

Look @ this cutie! Destin

The kids hiking! They love exploring and hiking to see what they can find.

Beautiful Spring Day! 

I always love looking back over the photos from the month and seeing all the memories that we have made! Hope you all are having a great week this week! 

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