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Thursday, April 30, 2015

{Kids Garden} UPDATE & Raised Flower Beds


     Our garden had been growing beautifully and then April Showers drowned everything and only a few our flowers {the primrose and sunflowers} and our peppers survived. It really is sad. However I did get pictures before everything drowned so we're good there. We also learned that we needed to do to garden spot to keep this from happening again because here in the south there are afternoon Summer showers most days! The worst part about all of this is we had just planted them in the ground. The kids are excited though to start a new one so I'm very glad it didn't get them down.  Everything is growing wonderfully now so far so were hoping to see some beautiful flowers with May coming and peppers soon.

    Until then we are looking into some raised flower beds and of course I headed right on over to Pinterest to find exactly what would be best for us and our yard and here are some of our finalists. Which one do you like and why? I need some help deciding so I can just go to my husband and say here this is the one.. and then we don't have to debate it again for another week. We're so indecisive.

    Here are the ones we like and why.

*Photo Courtesy of Truly Savvy 
I love the look of this one the watering troughs would look great in our yard and give it a great look. I think this is my top favorite, especially for the area I would like to put it in. 

*Photo Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens
I think this would look great along my back fence and it would allow my husband to pull the azaleas that he gets tired of cutting down each year. I absolutely would allow him to cut a few down in exchange for this. { I hope he will agree}

*Photo Courtesy of DIY Nation
I love the smell of cedar and the look. I have cedar counter tops and my kitchen and dining room floors are hand laid, hand cut, cedar pieces. I think this would be a great addition to our home and garden. I'm really torn between this one and the first one. Just by writing this post I've decided that the second one is a MUST for my backyard. 

Which would you choose?

Thanks for reading & following us! 

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