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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

{Kids Garden} How does your Garden Grow?

With Spring here we have started our garden, well the kids started "their garden", which we the parents of course tend to and water daily{most of the time]. I have planted flowers every spring and the kids have never really gotten into it. They liked digging in the dirt and putting the seed in but after that they didn't care at all. This year they are of course older but you can see the maturity in them coming out as they are interested in more mature things.

My husband I went to the store and while we were out because we live rural and the store is {25-30 mins} away we went ahead and picked up what we needed and thought would be good for the kids to grow and food they would at least {hopefully, fingers crossed, & praying} try if they grew it themselves. We chose Flowers: Sweet Peas, Sunflowers, Canterberry Bells, PrimRose, Carrots, Lettuce, Sweet Peppers, & Watermelons. We planted all but 1/2 the carrots and the Lettuce, we ran out of planter {we have more now} which we are going to start this weekend when we get soil{oops..forgot to grab more, I know how do you grab planters and forget the soil?} Anywho.. We came home and did some planting with the kids.

& We made the kids label them so we knew what was what and we could plant them in their areas.

I began helping my daughter write hers and she said she could do it all herself. I forget how big she is and that she doesn't need my help for little tasks like these {mommy moment}.

*UPDATE*Two Weeks Later - Our Sprouts are doing so well.{From Left to Right; Carrots, Sunflowers, & Melons}The kids have enjoyed watching them grow especially now that they can see something, they said it happened overnight..The Melons weren't growing as well but then we woke up and they were there. Of course they were very excited! 

Do you plant with your kids? Have any special crafts for your garden? Please share with us I would love to see what you have and what we can do/try in our garden. If you prefer to email you can email us at

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