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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, No Syrup, & Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

      Happy New Year Y'all, 2015 is here and honestly I can't believe it is 2015, my husband and i have been together for 13 years, my children are 10 & 7, and the years seem to just fly by quicker and quicker each year. Every year you hear a lot of, "New Year, New Me", well I must say I am very happy with who I am and where were at. Sure there are things that can and will be worked on, but as far as the way we live our life and the person I am, I am happy! This year I am not going to set Resolutions because there are only things I want to continue doing and things I want to focus more on. I will be writing about all that next week.... looking forward writing that too. Anywhoo...
     We didn't do much for New Years. We bought a few fireworks let everyone pick out their own "special" dinners, and hung out as a family. It was perfect. We went down to the beach and shot a few fireworks off. My husband and kids love doing this and you're never too old for sparklers.

We then came home and played Disney Infinity with the kids. If you haven't played it or thought it was something you couldn't get into it, well think again. It's great for the whole family. The kids ended up finishing that while we watched part of a movie before the countdown began. We all enjoyed some snacks and watched the ball drop in NY, the kids thought it was midnight, so off to bed they went and then we watched the Pelican Drop (our local NYE Party) and within 6 minutes past our New Years smooch... my husband was fast asleep, so off to bed we went.

I wouldn't have celebrated New Years any other way. It was a perfect night, enjoyed with the best people in the world!

I love this quote, and since I've been thinking about keeping a journal again, it really was inspiring. I have read other journals I wrote when I was younger and truly think about how stupid I was in those days, and more about how much my writing has changed. This quote really encouraged me and gave me that extra push I needed to make sure in 2015 I am going to be journaling and documenting more of my life, my thoughts, my dreams, my everything... and possibly sharing some with yall..

      So with the start of the new year and journaling, New Years Day Morning came and breakfast was requested (back to mom/wife life) I wanted to make pancakes, and already had the pancake batter mixed and in the bottle ready to go. but No syrup.. all I could think is Really? I'm all about cooking Pancakes this morning and there is no syrup.. so I decided to make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes w/ Icing. This was such a great idea and I impressed myself because I didn't really have a recipe to go with, but they turned out great so I wanted to share with y'all to start your first weekend of the New Year off great!

What you need:
- Pancake Batter {Make Homemade or from a box}
- 3 tablespoons of Cinnamon {12- 18 pancake recipe}

- 1 cup Powdered Sugar
-1/2 cup milk
     Mix Pancake Batter as you normally would. Add Cinnamon in and mix well. Cook Pancakes as you normally would. I always like to pour my batter into an old ketchup bottle (shown below). It makes pouring the pancakes very easy and you can save any extra for breakfast the next morning. This is always great to make ahead of time and store in the fridge for school/work days, I do not store for longer then 4 days.

While your pancakes are cooking, go ahead and mix up the icing. Add Powdered Sugar to a bowl and slowly began to pour milk in while mixing. You do not want the icing to thick but you do not want to have it too thin. Make to desired consistency. Make thinner by adding more milk (you may prefer to not use all the milk)

Voila! Cinnamon Roll Pancakes with Icing, my children absolutely loved this breakfast. I must admit I really surprised myself with my quick thinking. When Pancakes were wanted for breakfast and there are is no syrup, no panicking...
     Once Cinnamon Roll Pancakes are cook drizzle icing on to desired amount and ENJOY. These will become a family favorite for breakfast. These would also be great as Muffins, Pancakes Dipping Sticks,  Pancake Balls {cooked in a cake ball maker}, and Waffles.

Happy New Year and 2015 be the best yet!


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