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Sunday, January 11, 2015

{Amish Proverbs} My Job is to Take Care of the Possible.

     Last year sometime I wrote about my interest in the Amish. I don't know what it is but their living is very interesting to me, It always has been. I've been to  "Amish Country" several times in my childhood. My Aunt is from Ohio we would travel to Ohio to see her family and travel through Amish Country. We would stop at their little store, I only remember their clothes and the cheese. I've also become very interested in their proverbs. With anything there are different interpretations of things but  just like with any of the proverbs from our bibles or quotes we love they stop us and make us think about things a little differently and that's what many of their proverbs do to me. Each week I want to share a proverb and what it is meaning to me that week. Just something fun that I want to do for a little while. Put a little positive thinking out into the world before the week begins.

     This Amish Proverb caught my attention tonight and it really took a load of my shoulders. I stress and worry a lot about every little thing. I always worry about making sure everything gets done, the kids get to their extra activities, they have everything, snack, then there is normal home things... bills, cleaning, responsibilities then there is.. dinner, bath, story time bedtime.. then add work and making sure you are getting everything done that you need to and don't forget anything important... emails, social networks (there's like 10), meetings, etc. On top of saving for the vacation you desperately need and the wedding you are attending this Summer :) .... It all just starts to become a big blur.. as you can see from above ^^^, a big blur, and that is where stress comes from. However I need to just remember and focus on doing what I can to make sure we are doing everything possible; our responsibilities are taken care of, we are striving for our goals and saving as much as we can, and doing what we are suppose to, God will take care of the rest, the impossible. We all have to have something we believe in and I believe that even though God & I have had a rough relationship the past 5 years (Since I lost my Father) he has always taken care of me because I feel we've always chose to do the right thing and stay on the right path.

I will now give all to him that seems impossible to me, more then I have before.
If I work hard it will all happen.

We're heading to PA this Summer so I plan to hopefully visit the Amish and take the kids to one of
their markets just like my Aunt took me. I think my kids would be speechless {just like I was} that their are STILL people that live with no electricity, grow all their own food, children work at young ages, etc. 

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