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Sunday, January 18, 2015

{Amish Proverbs} Marriage maybe Made in Heaven....


With the long weekend, I am a day late with this weeks Amish Proverb. I always enjoy long weekends especially with the family. It's nice to have that extra day to relax, clean up, or go on an extra outing. We didn't do much with our extra day just getting ready for the week and relaxing. My daughter didn't even want to go to dance today. I figured this would be probably her one and only opportunity to miss because from now till May it is recital time, so I let her enjoy her day.

This weeks proverb talks about marriage. Anyone who is married knows that marriage takes work, time, comprise, compassion, and work.... Yes, I already said that but that is the key to marriage.

     {An not just man as in gender, man as in man/women} I am a true believer in this proverb. My marriage just like everyone's marriage is like the sea. It has its great weeks where we are on a smooth sailing sea, nothing but sunlight and crystal blue waters. It has its awkward moments when a thunderstorm with wind will just come and create waves and then there are full blown out hurricanes that can go from category 1 to catastrophic before you were able to think about the storm. That is just relationships... any relationship. This isn't just marriage either, but any relationship that you spend the majority of your time with another person. Think about it; Family, Friends, Co-Workers, etc. but Marriage, I think is the hardest sea to sail. 

     All relationships need upkeep, but Marriage needs daily upkeep. Marriage needs honesty, trust, love, compassion, understanding, compromise, loyalty, care, want, drive, and so much more. Marriage needs this from both partners in order for the Marriage to be made in Heaven. I know this proverb is stating Marriage made in heaven because God brought you and your husband together, but now a days the definition of love gets misconstrued for many and the man they think is their soul mate and brought to them by god is indeed just a distraction. If you are married, getting married, or divorced know that if both of you are not able to give everything you gave to your relationship in the first 6 months for the rest of your life, there is no point in you continuing because ultimately that is what is lost. Make sure the upkeep of your marriage is that you are dating your wife/husband, you are keeping all the butterflies still there, you are fixing your mistakes {yes, there will be mistakes. whether 1 year of marriage or 20} in the most romantic ways, you are making sure no one goes to bed angry and you are always kissing goodnight. Your Marriage will only be as great as the work you put into it. 

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