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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

15 in 2015

WOW, 2015, REALLY? I can’t believe how quickly time flies, it truly flies faster then you think. When I was a kid it took forever for things to happen. The weekend to get here, Christmas Birthdays, always felt so far away. Now it’s Halloween at Back to School and Christmas at Thanksgiving. With time flying faster and faster there are things I want to do, achievements I want to achieve within our personal lives, business wise, and homeschooling. There is always SO MUCH I want to do and I am one of those people I want to do it NOW.. not later, but now. So when I saw this from a fellow Alabama Women Blogger Logan at Logan Can… I had to share on ALWB and I wanted to join in and do my own 15 in 15. I’m going to do one that is Business and Personal!

- Stay Consistent with Blogging Calendar – I always write my blogging calendar out each month and well let’s just say some months are better than others!
-Keep Scheduled Posts on Social Media
- Add Sponsorship & Ads to Raised Southern

- Do Networking for blog
- Have Raised Southern Boutique fully functioning by January 31
-Have a 3 Blogging Opportunities Monthly (More would of course be nice)
- Attend a Blogger Conference
- Have a ALWB Meet-Up
- Join 1 New Blogger Group a Month and be active
- Have Raised Southern and Raised Southern Boutique become not just a part time income but build to become Full Time Income.
- Build ALWB into more! More Community, More Communication, More Growth, More Opportunities, etc.
- Write more honestly, openly, and be yourself, no matter what in your writing.
-Travel {for blogging purposes J}
-Learn something new about Blogging & Business, each month set up a training day.
-Attend/Organize a local blogger meet-up, I want to get to know more bloggers in my area!

- Focus on my priorities and responsibilities first more.
-Stay Productive, Consistent, Positive through everything.
-Journal – Journaling about the day, worries, stresses, etc. helps me sort my thoughts.
-Read More – I want to try and read a book a month and write about it…
-Be Organized – It takes no time to go put something where it belongs.
-Stay on Schedule/Routine- things are always better when they are planned out.
-Travel- It’s on my business & personal 15 in 2015 so maybe I will get to do a lot of it.
-Make more time for Friend activities and outings
- Have God more active in our life
-Home Improvement Projects – Complete everything {minor} we have been wanting to do to the house
-Plant a Garden
-Continue my Healthy Living but be more accountable for the goals I set and focus on ME!
- Be More Frugal
- Paint More
- Learn more about teaching, homeschooling, home school activities, co-ops, etc.

I’m excited about the 15 Business and Personal Goals/Resolutions/Things to do in 2015. All of these are achievable and I know that I can achieve each and every one of these with hard work and determination! Have you set your Blog Goals/Resolutions for 2015 yet?
     Setting Goals doesn't mean those have to be achieved at that time because sometimes things happen, life happens, or our goals change, but writing them down help us remember them. Writing them down also helps hold us accountable for them a little more than just “thinking” about what you want to do/change.

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