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Thursday, June 19, 2014

{Our Family} Big Brother to the Rescue

We were enjoying a beautiful Fathers day on the beach and playing in the water to cool off, when my daughter started crying, you could see in her face it hurt, "it" was her foot and she stepped on something. The last time I saw that look was exactly a year and a week ago, when my son decided to show off in front of his buddies, one of those "hey y'all, watch this moments", and jumped off of our pier.

My children have NEVER jumped off of this pier, is it way too shallow and they know it, but again it was his "Hey Y'all, Watch This Moment", and we all know those don't end well, and this is his result.
*My son & My nephew standing on the pier >>>>
9 stitches later he's stuck on the couch for the first 4 weeks of Summer.{Beware of Pic Below, It's Gross}

   I was terrified to see what my daughter had stepped on and how bad it was. {I know they make beach shoes, the kids hate them, I hate them, I understand their hatred of them and don't make them wear them, but YES that has now changed} It was a broken glass bottle and she had a nice size cut on her toe. We got her out of the water and pressure on it.

Luckily it wasn't that bad, it wasn't deep enough where she needed stitches, but it was bad enough she needed to stay off it. We of course hurried home, cleaned it, soaked it in Iodine {Per Nurse YaYa's (my mom)} and have been taken really good care of it. However, she hasn't been happy.

We are trying to keep her off of her foot and that is meaning that she isn't able to get up and do anything but go to the bathroom. She has been on a movie and Netflix binge for 4 days now and is starting to get antsy. When she first learned that she was going to be stuck on the couch for a week probably she cried, and was very upset that she couldn't go outside and run around or just play normal. Her brother having had to spend 4 weeks on the couch and not doing anything, talked to her all about it and said that you get to do nothing, no chores, just play your ipod, your ds, and watch tv. thats cool. {She still wasn't going for her, that's not miss busy bodies style} He then made her feel better though by making it his "life mission" to keep other people and kids from stepping on glass bottles. Mr. Little Man explained, " When I grow up I am going to make signs and go put them all over the beach that say, Do not throw your bottle in the water, put them in a trash can, and I am going to hang them all over the beach and if someone does see someone throw a bottle in the water they are to call me, Logan, and I will take care of them so nobody gets a hurt foot." This automatically made her happy, Big Brother to the Rescue.

I love how sweet he was and comforting to his sister! He really does love her :)

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YaYa said...

Lil man told me the same thing tonight, about his mission for beach safety. Laila said her week was awful, just sitting around and she didn't get to do chores and earn her money :)