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Monday, June 9, 2014

{Summer Time Favorite} Campfire Cones

I found this yummy goodness at the one and only, yup you guessed it,
interest! This is absolutely one of the best sites every made. It has some of the greatest recipes, DIY ideas, well really it has everything! I saw these delicious Campfire Cones and new it was something that we had to try. I bought all the stuff to make these for my sons camping birthday, and we never got around to making the kids had such a great time swimming and playing with glow sticks that time kinda got away from us.
The kids are out of school now, so it was the perfect time to try these! 

What you Need:
-Waffle or Sugar Cones 
-Mini Marshmallows
-Chocolate Chips
{any other candies you would like to add in there}
- Aluminum Foil 
-Ice Cream 

*Layer the marshmallows and chocolate chips into the waffle cone.

*Tear off a piece of aluminum foil and roll the cone up, starting in the corner, be very careful to not break the cone, twist the ends and fold inward.

* Heat oven to 200F and Place on baking sheet for 20 mins, turn after 10 minutes.

*Remove from oven, they will be hot and gooey, {I did have to put one that was closer to the front back in for about 3mins to get it to melt. Check them Carefully - they will be HOT-

There are a great dessert my children loved, however they are really rich and sweet, so don't give it to them right before bed, this is one of their Summer time favorites! 
*If melted, allow to cool till you can hold the cone, add a scoop of ice cream and enjoy this delicious chocolatey gooey Campfire Cone.

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