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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thirty One - Summer is HERE! June Specials

Hey Y'all It's June & that means that Summer is here! I feel like I got so busy with some other things that were going on that I let something I absolutely love and love being apart of, fall to the wayside. Well now its time to get refocused and reconnected! 

I personally LOVE thirty-one products and that is what started me working for this wonderful company, because I want everything we offer and I'll take it in every pattern, and you can't forget the monogram! When I decided to refocus and concentrate on building a great community for all of  us, I went on the hunt for our June Special, and I was absolutely surprised and thought again, I need one in every pattern.  Sometimes, I just can't resist a wonderful special and this is one of them! 
This June, you can save on one of the two popular utility totes with every $35 Spent!
  • Deluxe Utility Tote is only $25 instead of $50
    Fun Flops Print Available ONLY IN JUNE 
  • Large Utility Tote $10 instead of $35 
    Sweet Suits Available ONLY IN JUNE
    {You can choose from any of the other prints available if you prefer} 

These Totes are the best there is! You can use them for anything and everything, literally!!
-Beach Towels, Sunscreen, and other beach necessities
-All those kidos beach toys
-Grocery Shopping
-Shopping at SAMS/COSCO - you know you need heavy duty bags there
-Toy Box for all your little ones things 
-Organize your trunk, linen closet, laundry room, etc.


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