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Sunday, June 1, 2014

What have you missed?

Hey Y'all, long time no write. It's been so busy in my world, I don't even know where to start.

     When the month of May rolls around my world is completely chaos. My Son's birthday is at the beginning of the month, my daughters is fifteen days later, not to mention all the friends and families with their children birthdays in May, School Parties, Awards, and then finally Summer Vacation! Whew, just thinking about all of that this past month sends my mind for a whirl.

     I also accepted to be the Editor for Alabama Women Bloggers! I am so very excited to have this opportunity to work some amazing women! I absolutely love this community and how much I have grown and the friendships that have built. Working on the site and building a wonderful team to help me run the site has taking up a lot of my time. I absolutely will be back here though!

     Starting tomorrow your going to see a few new things from us, Thank Y'all so much for sticking around and continuing to be so great to Raised Southern! I can't wait to kick off a new month with some new and exciting things!

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