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Saturday, June 7, 2014

{Southern Cookin'} BBQ Potatoes & Onions

Have you ever had just good o'l Potatoes and onions cooked in the skillet? Just the smell of them will make your stomach growl! Being Southern we like fried food, and we like BBQ & there is just something about mixing those two together that will surely appease your appetite.  

Here is what you will need: {2 Servings}
-2 Potatoes
-1/2 a White Onion
-2 tbsp of your Favorite BBQ Sauce {
-Creole Seasoning
-Cooking Oil {enough to coat the bottom of the pan}

*Peel & Slice the Potatoes. You could also make the Potatoes into cubes if you would prefer, rather then slices. Slice Onion, you could chop if you would prefer.

*Heat Oil in pan, use just enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

*Mix the potatoes and onions together, Add 2 tbsp of BBQ to your mixture, pinch of Salt, Pepper, and Creole Seasoning. Mix together, add more BBQ sauce if you would prefer but do not use a lot, you want it to be coated not covered.

This was Bar-B-Q Sauce was brought to me all the way from Oklahoma by my wonderful family and let me tell you, it is some delicious stuff & one of my favorites! Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce!

Read all about Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce and how it all was started here:

*Once all is coated, add to pan with oil. Cook until potatoes and onions are soft and browned. Serve & ENJOY!

- Potatoes and Onions are one of my favorite sides. Even though these are no way healthy for you, they are a Southern Comfort Food and great to enjoy every once in awhile.
     You could always make this into a one pan meal by adding Chicken, Sausage, and/or Bacon. You could also add some veggies into it like whole kernel corn, tomatoes, or carrots. Get Creative and make this meal yours!

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