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Monday, June 2, 2014

May's Monthly Memories


Monthly Memories is going to be a new series here at Raised Southern. This will be a once a month thing done at the beginning of each month and I want to share special memories from the previous month. I think this will be so special to look back each month at all of our memories and things we did that month, that may not be something that was blogged about. I wanted to start this series last month but with the flood at the end of April and being with out internet for a while, it was hard to start.


Here are some of our special memories from May! 

It was such a beautiful day and right after the flood there was a nice little point where the sand had built up! We spent a fun day on the beach!

We got a new refrigerator & I love it! This may not be exciting to you but its AWESOME to me :)

My son turned 10! It was his Golden Birthday -
 10 on the 10th


My nephew got stuck in his sisters chair. It was really funny but he didn't find it to funny cause Aunt Kari said, let me go get the camera before I helped him out. He wasn't hurt just needed help getting unstuck

Camping for my sons birthday! It looked so awesome with all the glow in the dark stuff they had and the glow in the dark balloons. {Check out your local Wal-Mart}

My beautiful Lillie's! My Husbands grandmother gave these to us at his aunts passing and they grow beautifully every year! I can't wait to see them every year when they start to bud! There were 12 this year!

This is what we got my son for his birthday! A kayak!  My childrens birthdays are in May so they always get outside toys or things and hes getting to an age where he wants bigger things. He absolutely loves it and being able to go out for a paddle!

I love our Friday Night Date Nights! They are our release and time to just spend as Mr. & Mrs. not always Mommy & Daddy!

& our Moonlit walk on the beach! This was the first full moon of the Summer!

This is my daughter and my friends daughter that I have known for 19 years & now our daughters are friends! It's too cute to see them be friends! It's also so special to me to have a childhood friend that has known me all of my life continue to be in my life, my childrens lives, and apart of the family. 

Spent a special day with these boys! Let me son stay home from school one day & we kept my nephew & went out exploring! {Look Below for what we found}

Making wishes & throwing pennies in the fountain! This fountain is literally in the middle of nowhere!

& Watch for Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs in the Woods

Mountain Dew Baja Blast is my favorite drink of all time! I'm so glad they bottled this!

First Day of School - Last Day of School! I'm so glad school is out, but that just means that they have grown another year!

I got a new Camera & I love it!! We have been taking it out and taking a bunch of different pictures! It's  tru ly is an amazing camera! If you are questioning what kind of Camera to buy, go with a Sony! Take a look at these beautiful pictures that we took over the weekend! Every women, mother, wife, traveler, & blogger need a awesome camera! I CAN'T WAIT to take it to Disney!                            

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