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Monday, December 9, 2013

FL Gator Reindeer Ornament- DIY Ornament

FL Gator Reindeer Ornament
     How cute is this little Reindeer? When I started this, I had planned on making it a Rudolph one, but then, I remembered we needed to decorate our FL Gator Blue & Orange Christmas tree and why not add some cute homemade FL ornaments to the tree and this little cutie was crafted! I know FL wasn't great this year, we had a tough season but I love my Orange & Blue regardless! So, if you are not a FL Gator Fan you can make this into any team you would like. Just switch up the colors.
     To Make you'll need:
-3 Puzzle Pieces, you can use any size, we used a Medium size set of pieces
-Ribbon to make the ornament Hanger and the Bow
-Googly Eyes
-Pom Pom for the nose
      Paint your Pieces and allow to completely dry. You may have to add a couple coats depending on the pieces that you are using. Once completely dry, lay out to make sure you have the design you want. Glue the pieces together. Glue on the Eyes and Nose to the face, however you would like. Make the Ornament hanger and the bow, if you would like to add a bow. Glue both on and you have your FL Gator (or whatever team you go for) Reindeer Ornament!
Send us pics of your little ones Reindeer's.
                                                  Mom It Forward: Contributor
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