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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Holiday


     Our Thanksgiving Holiday was absolutely great! I enjoyed getting to spend time with the family. As I had previously mentioned, I was cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year for my family because my mom was out of town. Well.... It turned out Great! :) All went as planned, I cooked the Turkey the right way ( I even pulled the turkey neck out - YUCK) I love to cook but I do not like necks hearts, gizzards,etc.


     We started our Thanksgiving Holiday off at my sister in laws with her, my brother in law, nieces, and nephew. It was such a wonderful dinner. I was so stuffed and glad I didn't have to cook anymore because I had already cooked all day.

Thursday we got up and started cooking. I had a little helper. She made Pilgrim hat cookies with Reese's and Fudge Stripe Cookies. I made everything else! It all turned out wonderful, and I was thankful for that, it could have been a disaster. My worse nightmare would have been that we had to go out to eat for Thanksgiving.


      I did go Black Friday Shopping ( Thursday Night) It felt so good not to fight for anything, I went and looked at everything and if I got it Great, if I didn't that was okay too. I didn't have as much fun as I normally do because my mom is my shopping partner and she was out of town, so it wasn't great but it was fun and I got some good deals and saved money, which is most important.
     Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent being lazy, cleaning up, and getting the Christmas Decorations out and put up. It was so nice to not have a agenda or a schedule even though I had a billion and one things I should have been doing. To me, it will be there and my family comes first, so I enjoyed the holiday time with them. Now, its back to work and finish the year out with a bang!

How was your Thanksgiving Holiday? What was your favorite part of it? The Turkey? Shopping? Just being with Family & Friends?

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