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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Cards

     Christmas Cards is a holiday tradition that is being done less and less. Do you send out hand written Christmas Cards? Ever since I could write I remember signing my name to Christmas Cards or when I became old enough I always filled ours out when I was growing up. I also remember we would receive a Christmas Card or more Every day. I still send Christmas Cards out every year even though I say I am not going to, because it is a chore. Now that my kids are bigger though they help. My family still sends Christmas Cards to my husband and I and then separate ones for the kids, the kids love receiving their own mail so this makes it extra special.

     I have a ton of Christmas Cards in one of my Christmas Totes. There left overs from over the years or cute ones that were on sale after Christmas but there are plenty of them. I ordered pictures this year from our Disney Trip that was in February and added some cute clip art that is provided with the photopass that Disney offers. It was perfect for our holiday cards.I always like to fill the cards out with a nice saying. This year ours said, " From our family to yours, We wish you a --ha I wrote it our like 50 times, you would think, I would know what it was, let me get a card; -- " From our family to yours! Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyful Christmas with the ones you love and a safe and prosperous New Year! The Scott Family! Do you write something special like that in all your cards or do you personalize each one?

Is sending Christmas Cards a tradition you are starting to see become less and less?

All our cards are ready and went out! I sent out something special for my sister! Confetti! She will love me after she opens that! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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