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Sunday, December 1, 2013

12 days of Christmas - Day 1 - Elves are everywhere

     It's that time of year again where elves are every where, helping boys and girls be on their best behavior by reporting to Santa each night! A little creepy? Well just a little, but only because we are adults. The kids loves their elves and I love seeing the kids search for them each morning and the smiles on their faces. Our Elf Fred came back this year and brought his sister, who has been named Charlotte. The kids were very happy to see Fred but our daughter who is bigger has now become very entertained by the elves and loves them even more now that there is a girl for her.
      They haven't been causing much mischief just a few silly things here and there. They are really just getting started. Here is some of the different things our elf has been up to:

      I love the little tutus and football jersey that they have for the elves, if you have not seen them, I know they are at Target. It has become a great tradition for many families. This year I am noticing more and more people are participating in this tradition! Do you and your family have a elf? If so what is his/her name?

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