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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 - Christmas Decorations

     I  absolutely love getting all the Christmas decorations and putting them up. It adds something a little magical to the house. This year I had to resist the urge to put up all of our Christmas decorations! I wanted to start putting them up at the start of November but of course we had to wait till after Thanksgiving! We always wait till the Friday after Thanksgiving. Especially, since Thanksgiving was being served at our home this year. I'm sure it would be a little weird eating thanks giving with the Christmas tree up and gingerbread place mats on the table. 

The kids enjoyed putting the decorations on the tree, this year they did it all by themselves! :( I can't believe how quick they are growing! The only good thing about them being able to do it all themselves is that they can help take it all down as well! Lol! They did an absolute wonderful job and our tree turned out beautiful! This is our family tree! We have one we put up in the playroom that has all my child hood ornaments on it as well as all the school decorations and our homemade ones! We will decorate it tomorrow! It's the kids favorite too because it has twinkle lights on it! 
 We don't put a lot of outside decorations up. Our yard is big and we live in the woods - no one but us sees the lights. However, I love Christmas lights outside and the kids especially love them, so my husband does us willingly every year! We have a couple we put on our porch, but we have blowups that we put up and they decorate just enough for us! 
     What decorations do y'all put up in your home? Do you do any Christmas light wars? Or just see how many will fit on your house? 

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