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Sunday, December 8, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 8 - Christmas Wish List

     Does your Child write a Christmas List to Santa? and how do you handle it? Every year our children write a Christmas wish to Santa. I was a only child so the majority of whatever was on my Christmas list and within reason I got that for Christmas. My husband on the other hand being 1 of 3 wasn't done that way and they made large lists and would get a few things they had wished for.  We have always tried to make sure that the kids get everything they asked Santa for (with in reason), well last year I found a 4 Gift Rule Idea to not spoil your kids. I really liked this idea because Jesus is the reason for the season, not presents, and my bank account doesn't like all the deductions that happen this time a year. We tried to stick to this as much as possible but our impulses got the best with us and of course they ended up with more then 4 gifts, but not near as many useless, soon to be lost toys and pieces parts. This year I had the perfect list for the kids to fill out and this year were going to stick to their main gifts being their wish list items. I did pick up a couple of things that were on sale and things they had mentioned wanting previously. They will be looking at about 10 gifts a piece, minus what Santa Claus brings. I think that is a reasonable amount and keeps my bank account smiling.
     How do you do wish lists with your kids? Do they write a letter or make a wish list? Do you usually get everything for them? Share with us how your family handles the gifts from the family and the gifts from Santa

Here is the wish list we used:

I found this on Pinterest but it did not have a link connected to it, ohhh how I love Pinterest. 

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