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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Walt Disney World: Never Settle! - Our Reservations have changed!

Disney: Never Settle- the Reservations have changed!

     Tip #1- Never Settle J We originally started planning this trip because of the new Art of Animation Resort was opening and we wanted to see it and “stay in a story”! We love the value resorts because they are perfect for the kids, the love all the larger then life characters and décor that is in the Value Resorts. When I originally priced our vacation of 7 nights/8 days, it came out to a small fortunate and we were not willing to do that and looked into other options. We found we could do a “camping” vacation at the Fort Wilderness Resort and we were very very excited about getting a RV and RV’ing and then new special pricing and promotions were offered from Disney. The new Fantasyland Expansion is almost done and the Be Our Guest Restaurant will be opening in just a few days, Disney released special pricing for all the excitement called Play, Stay, Dine, & Save and with this promotion you can save hundreds!!  
            When I received the notice of the new Promotions I immediately checked to see if it would be any difference in our vacation and was very surprised to find that all of original plans were now going to be cheaper then what I had already reserved at Ft. Wilderness, I could add an extra day to our park tickets because we chose to only have 5 day park tickets originally but now have chosen to have 6 day tickets and leave a day for Downtown Disney, we upgraded from the quick service plan (that comes with the promo) to the Dining Plan with Table Service, and I still saved $500!! Can’t beat that!! Of course I immediately got on the phone with Disney, waited an hour and a half, and changed the whole vacation around! Even though I was a little disappointed we were not going to be RV’ing, we can still visit and enjoy Ft. Wilderness because if you didn’t known as a Walt Disney Resort Guest you can visit and look at all the beautiful Resorts they offer! The whole reason we started planning this vacation was to see all the new stuff Disney is offering so I was very pleased I was able to stick to our original vacation plan, and it didn’t cost a small fortune but I actually saved! So Never Settle the best way to save money at Disney World is to plan your vacation a good time in advance, that way you have options and can see what Disney World is going to offer because they always have amazing deals, just have to find what is right for you and your family!

            Also as part of 2013 Disney has released they will have 52 weeks of Limited Magic! What this means is that Walt Disney World is going to offer different themed weeks you can learn more at their website and The Walt Disney World Blog . I’m even more excited about our trip since this was released on October 17, 2012 because the week we are going is Valentines Week and not only that but it will be True Love Week and Disney will Celebrate romance and enchantment throughout the week with special moments and entertainment that is meant for us true love lovebirds! The Disney Princes will be with their Princesses, special menus will be offered at selected restaurants and  special Valentines products and collectibles will be offered. It is so exciting to be going during a special time at Disney World. Usually Disney celebrates big at Halloween and Christmas so I definitely was not expecting a week of special stuff during Valentines! It is such a wonderful thing because not only is being at Disney magical in itself and all the other add ons they offer, they have once again gone above and beyond to make all of us traveling to Disney in 2013 extra magical and Limited just for us during our vacations. I'm very pleased with our vacation plans now and can’t wait much longer!! Our countdown is now to double digits instead of triple and the kids can’t stop talking about it! Here is the link for the new Art of Animation we will be staying at! Check it out, and also check out the special offers available under the packages tab at the Walt Disney Word Website!!!

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